The perspective medium-weight multi-purpose Mi-38 helicopter has received the certificate of type from Rosaviatsia which gives approval on aviation equipment instead of Aviatsionngo of the register of Interstate aviation committee (ARE of IAC) now. Delivery of the certificate has taken place on December 30 at Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant where it has been designed vozdushno the vessel

According to the CEO of Russian Helicopters holding Alexander Mikheyev, the company has received the certificate on the transportnoy Mi-38 version. “In the next two-three years we plan to receive the certificate on the passenger helicopter. This program is planned to end in 2017, and further we in parallel keep the program for modification under rescue and offshore versions” — he has added.

Mikheyev has emphasized that demand for Mi-38 rather high. “We conducted preliminary market researches. The expected demand soon — from 10 to 15 helicopters, but we could not start full-scale negotiations: we had no price, an opportunity to predict appearance of the helicopter” — the head of holding has explained. According to him, the oil and gas companies and structures which are engaged in projects in the Arctic and creation of infrastructure can become the first customers. At the same time he has mentioned that interest in the car is shown and abroad. Nevertheless so far “Helicopters of Russia” work with Mi-38 within requirements of the Russian certification authorities.

The car will be equipped with two Russian turboshaft dvigatela of TB7-117B of production of the Klimov company. As Mikheyev has reported, on them there is already a certificate, however only on a limited resource. In this regard TB7-117B continue to be tested at stands. “The engine pleases us, and we are sure that everything that is put in this type of the helicopter, will be made in 2016” — the head of holding has summed up.

Earlier it was reported that in the summer of 2015 of TB7-117B certified with a resource of 100 h. Then it was supposed that addition to the certificate on installation with a resource of 1000 h will be until the end of the year given.

In total “Russian Helicopters” have ordered from the Joint Engine-building Corporation (JEBC) 50 of TB7-117B engines. The first motors were planned to be put at the end of 2015 — the beginning of 2016. The Mi-38 batch oriented production for needs of airlines and the state customers will be begun next year. The first fuselage of serial Mi-38 is already built on the Kazan Helicopter Plant (KHP). In documents of Mipromtorga it is said that the total amount of deliveries of this model till 2025 will make 175 helicopters, and till 2030 — 264 AF.

Mi-38, designed for transportation to 30 I grazed. — a transitional link between the average Mi-8/17 helicopter and heavy Mi-26. Loading capacity of the new car makes 6 t in transit of a load in a cabin and 7 t — on the external suspender.

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