The Russian Helicopters holding will combine Kazan Helicopter Plant (KVZ; Tatarstan) and Kumertau air manufacturing enterprise (KUMAPP; Bashkiria), having created a uniform helicopter cluster on their base. KVZ which will receive assets and production capacities of KUMAPP will get a role of leading enterprise, have specified in holding.

According to the CEO of “Russian Helicopters” Alexander Mikheyev, the purpose of association of two platforms — increase in production of cars of the Mi and KA brands and growth of financial performance of the enterprises. For this purpose in 2018-2023 between plants it is planned to redistribute outputs and repair work.

Within restructuring on KUMAPP plan to adjust release of details and units for the Mi-8 helicopters, “Ansat” and Mi-38, and also means of land service. Besides, in Kumertau will expand procuring and stamping, forge and press and modular and assembly productions.

As writes the “Kommersant”, the plant in Kumertau was strongly underloaded in recent years and sustained financial losses. However, contracts for 2015 allow to use its capacities at full capacity.

Today at Kazan Helicopter Plant the light multi-purpose Ansat helicopters, average multi-purpose Mi-8/17 and perspective averages multi-purpose Mi-38 are made. On KUMAPP easy multi-purpose Ka-226T, average multi-purpose Ka-32a11bc, ship multi-purpose Ka-27 and helicopters of radar patrol Ka-31 are issued.

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